Millis Woman Arrested for B&E in Medfield

Linda J. Pernice, 48, of 251 Village St., Millis, was arrested on a felony charge for allegedly breaking into a vehicle on Tubwreck Drive in Medfield on Saturday, May 26.

A Millis woman is facing a felony charge for nighttime breaking and entering of a vehicle after allegedly breaking into a Medfield resident’s Subaru on Tubwreck Drive on Saturday, May 26.

Linda J. Pernice, 48, of 251 Village St., Millis was arrested on May 26 after allegedly breaking into a Subaru on Tubwreck Drive and taking a small amount of cash before leaving the scene in her Toyota Sienna van, according to Medfield police logs.

A man on Tubwreck Drive called the Medfield Police Department at 1:18 a.m. on Saturday, May 26 to report “someone was in his vehicle in his driveway” before taking off in “a dark colored van,” according to police logs. The van, according to the caller, had a flat front right tire after hitting a curb when leaving the scene. Medfield Police officer Daniel Pellegrini located Pernice’s vehicle at 1:23 a.m. on Millbrook Road at Main Street.

“The vehicle was located approximately half a mile from the area of the break,” said Medfield Chief of Police Robert E. Meaney Jr. “Officer Pellegrini actually spotted the vehicle on the way to the call since it had been reported that the vehicle was travelling west on Route 109 on a flat tire. He slowed at each intersection and looked down each road to see if the vehicle was on the side of the road. He located it on Millbrook Road before he got to the scene.”

Meaney said the caller reported the suspect was “observed in [his] Subaru after trying to enter another locked vehicle that was also in the driveway.”

Pernice faces a felony charge because of the intent of the crime, according to Meaney.

“It is a felony more because of the intent and less about the value of the property taken,” Meaney said. “This charge may or may not be reduced to B&E with intent to commit a misdemeanor, depending on how the court views the circumstances.”

Pernice arrived at the Medfield Police Department at 2:08 a.m. and bail was set at $40, according to police logs. Pernice left the station at 3:27 a.m.

Meaney credited the caller for helping Medfield Police locate the suspect because he reported the incident immediately.

“This is a case of people hearing and seeing something going on outside their house and reporting it,” Meaney said. “Many times we will receive a call the next day that a homeowner heard something during the night but did not look out the window to see what was going on. Information reported at the time of the event gives us a better opportunity to deal with the issue.”


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