Medfield Teen Arrested in NH After Being Chased by Police

Dean Janggen, 19, of Medfield was arrested in Manchester, NH, after running away from police.

Dean Janggen, 19, of Medfield. Credit: Manchester, NH, Police Department.
Dean Janggen, 19, of Medfield. Credit: Manchester, NH, Police Department.
The following press release was received by the City of Manchester, New Hampshire regarding Dean Janggen, 19, of Medfield. Notice of an arrest does not indicate a conviction. 

Janggen's Facebook page said he studied at the New Hampshire Institute of Art which is located in Manchester. Before his arrest, Janggen had allegedly been vandalizing a building by spray painting an exterior wall. 

Original press release...

MANCHESTER, NH - On Jan. 09, 2014, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Officer Neil 
Penttinen of the Manchester, New Hampshire, Police Department was on patrol in the downtown [Manchester] area when he observed a subject on the fire escape at 1138 Elm Street (Lamont, Hanley and Associates).

The subject immediately ran down the fire escape when he observed the police cruiser on Elm Street and proceeded in the opposite direction of where Officer Penttinen was stopped.

Officer Penttinen immediately yelled to the fleeing subject, but the subject failed to comply with his commands and continued running away from the officer. The officer gave chase and located him a second time behind the building and again advised him to stop. Once again, the subject failed to comply and after a brief foot pursuit, he was apprehended by Officer Mike Caron in the lower parking lot behind 1138 Elm Street.

The subject was identified as Dean Janggen, 19, of Medfield, Mass. 

Janggen was charged with Criminal Mischief (M), Loitering, Resisting Arrest/ Detention.

Further investigation revealed Janggen had been vandalizing the building by spray painting the exterior wall. The graffiti was photographed and will be removed by the City of Manchester Anti-Graffiti Team, which is under the command of the City’s Parks and Recreation Division. 


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