Lend a Hand Clearing a Fire Hydrant and We'll Bring You Hot Coffee

We're serious. Just let us know where you're working and we'll come deliver.

Medfield Fire Chief William Kingsbury and the  are asking residents to help out by clearing fire hydrants around town that are covered in snow so that they can be ready to use when needed.

"There's no way we can clean them all with all over 700 hydrants in town," Kingsbury said. "It should be a community effort to keep them clean so they're available when needed. "There's just so many of them, there's no way we could do it so if we can get the community onboard with it that would be great."

Medfield Patch is providing Medfield residents with incentive to help out by delivering a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate with a doughnut to those who clear out a hydrant. So when shoveling your sidewalk again – likely this week with more snow expected – or if you see a hydrant boxed in by snow –don't forget to lend a hand to the local firefighters and DPW by clearing the snow from any fire hydrants near your home.

Send us a photo of you doing your part in Medfield and we'll personally deliver to you a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and a doughnut.

E-mail Jeremie.Smith@Patch.com to let us know where you're clearing a hydrant (with a photo). Let us know where we can meet you.


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