Large Transformer Expected to be Transported Through Medfield Monday Night

Medfield Chief of Police, Robert Meaney Jr. said transformer being moved from Boston to Medway will pass through Route 109 in Medfield between midnight and 2 a.m.

A large electrical transformer is in the process of being moved from Boston to Medway by way of Route 109 and could cause significant delays for those traveling doing the transportation, according to Medfield Chief of Police Robert Meaney Jr.

"The move began early Sunday morning but one of the vehicles suffered a mechanical failure in Dedham," Meaney said. "The plan is to repair it and perhaps move it the rest of the way [Monday night]. If so, it will pass through Medfield between midnight and 2 a.m.

The vehicle carrying the trailer with the transformer will take a significant part of the roadway but it is anticipated that one way traffic will be allowed past the trailer, Meaney said.  

"The trailer will be accompanied by four Massachusetts State Police cruisers and there will be one Medfield Police cruiser to keep tabs on the trailer’s location," according to Meaney. "This is so that should we have a call for the police, fire or EMS; the Medfield officer will be able to inform the responding units regarding the best route to take."

 The trailer can only move at 5 mph, causing significant delays on Route 109 during the time period it is being moved, according to Meaney. Drivers on the road during this time are advised to seek alternate routes. 


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