Dispose of Christmas Trees Properly

State fire marshal says trees have been involved in fires.

State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan today urged community members to dispose of their Christmas trees properly.

Christmas trees kept too long after the holiday have been involved in fires, including one at a Lunenberg condominium last Jan. 9, Coan said in a press release.

In Medfield,  on Jan. 5 and Jan. 12. For more information, contact MedfieldTroop89@hotmail.com

Also, residents can leave their Christmas trees at the Medfield Transfer Station.

MassDEP says that Bay Staters buy one million cut Christmas trees each year.

"Simply throwing them away would not only be a waste of reusable resources, but a disposal problem. If all the cut trees sold in Massachusetts this holiday season were packed tightly together on their sides, they could fill every square foot of a major regional shopping mall to a height of 15 feet, or create a pile that would rise ten stories and span a football field from one goal post to the other," says the DEP website.

For more information on recycling your Christmas tree, visit http://www.mass.gov/dep/recycle/reduce/xmastree.htm.


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