Bieber Fever Ends With a Taser For Accused Thief

Included in this week's odd police news roundup is the story of a man who was Tased after a struggle following an alleged stealing spree.

You might have read that Justin Bieber was on a downward spiral. But did you know he was taking others down with him - literally?

Milford police used a Taser on a Grafton man this week after he reportedly pushed and tried to punch an officer who tried to arrest him. Police went to arrest the man after he allegedly tried to steal $400 worth of products from Target. Among the items in his shopping cart? Justin Bieber valentines.

Perhaps the seat got a little chilly?

A 911 caller this week reported a person sitting in a snow bank in Hopkinton. When an officer responded the person was no longer there.

When you make a mistake with delivery, you should correct it before 4 a.m.

We found the timing of this Dover police log entry a little odd: a Dover resident at 3:54 a.m. one day this week reported someone was walking in their driveway with a flashlight. Police responded and advised that an electrical supply delivery driver made a mistake with delivery.


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