2 a.m. Yelling, More Smashed Mailboxes, Suspicious Vehicle

Here's a glance at the Medfield safety log for March 31 and April 1.


Here's a look at the police logs for Sunday and Monday.

Sunday, March 31

1:43 a.m., Main Street. Building check at Medfield Car Wash.

2:37 a.m., Upham Road. Caller reported a lot of yelling coming from one of the apartments. Peace restored.

3:12 a.m., Spring Street. E911 caller asked for an ambulance for himself. Taken to Norwood Hospital.

8:53 a.m., North Meadows Road. Caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked in the pit area of the highway department. Listed to a South Street resident. Police located party; no problem.

10:20 a.m., High Street. Caller reported two small children near the roadway on High Street with no adult around. Police responded. Homeowner said his two children ran to the mailbox; children are fine. 

10:47 a.m., Minuteman Road. Alarm check. House was searched; no problem.

10:48 a.m., South Street. Norfolk Police said they just had a hit and run near the Medfield line. Search negative.

12:14 p.m., Spring Street. E911 caller asked police to remove an unwanted person. Person left without incident.

6:08 p.m., Longmeadow Road. Alarm company had an alarm go off on Longmeadow Road. Police said there is a rear slider that is not secure but there is a block of wood to prevent it from being opened all the way. At 6:48 p.m., the homeowner requested an officer to go through the house with him. House is secure.

8:46 p.m., North Street. Medfield Ambulance said they were conducting a carbon monoxide investigation.

10:19 p.m., Pleasant Street. E911 caller asked for an ambulance for an elderly man having a medical problem. Taken to Norwood Hospital.

Monday, April 1

7:15 a.m., Foundry Street and Nebo Street. No citations issued.

8:53 a.m., Ledgetree Road. Caller said her mailbox was vandalized sometime Friday night.

9:15 a.m., Evergreen Way. Alarm company reported a medical alarm at a house on Evergreen. Medfield Ambulance and police responded. Passcode did not work. Medfield Fire gained entrance through a rear window. Unable to locate anyone in house or yard. 


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