Zombies Invade Medfield Library

Beware: Zombies were reportedly on the loose at the library today.


Early this afternoon, there were reports of at least six zombies on the loose at the Medfield Public Library.


Initial reports had the frightening creatures gathered inside the library meeting room playing games and running about.

MedfieldPatch located the Slowe Zombie Clan inside the library stacks at approximately 1 p.m.

Turns out, they weren’t zombies at all.  They were Medfield children dressed up as part of a “Zombie Invasion” program sponsored by the library.


Ashton Slowe, 9, said they wanted to get made up like zombies because, “It was going to be really creepy.”


“I thought it was going to be really exciting,” said sister Clementine, 6, whose twin Oliver was pleased at how his zombie makeup turned out.

“I think it turned out good,” he said.

Very good.

Oliver won the Zombie Survivor Game in which he had to choose seven items that would help him survive on a deserted island.  He chose a knife, food, can opener, water bottle, rope, and a first aid kit. 

Smart zombie.

Other games and activities included decorating a marshmallow as a zombie and then eating it.

Also scary.

The leader of the Slowe zombies, mom Amy Whittaker, said the program was a lot of fun and her children really enjoyed it.

Whittaker complimented Queen Zombie Makers Julia Luft and Emma Jane Coulter -- who pose as Medfield High School seniors when not changing innocent schoolchildren into creepy creatures – for their creativity. 

She also suggested the talented artists use their make-up skills to raise money for library programming around Halloween.

Beware: Another Zombie Invasion may be on the horizon. 


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