YOUR TURN: Is Medfield a Good Place to Grow Old?

The Milken Institute has come out with a list of the top cities and towns in which to grow old. Where would you put Medfield on the list?


The Milken Institute has issued its list of Best Cities for Successful Aging in the United States.

Boston ranks No. 4 on the list of large metropolitan areas, and the town of Barnstable ranks No. 51 on the list of smaller metro areas.

Also on the list of larger cities is Worcester at No. 62, Fall River/New Bedford/Providence grouped together as No. 66, and Springfield at No. 81.

No other Massachusetts towns were among the top 100 smaller metro areas.

According to The Huffington Post, the Institute consulted survey results, demographers, and various experts in the aging field in compiling a list of 78 factors that contribute to what it calls "successful aging," or an active and productive old age. These range from cost of living and crime rate to more age-specific criteria such as a city's mean public transport fare.

"What I would hope is that [prospective retirees] would look at the various indicators, from health to employment opportunities to education, and think about the factors that are most important to them," study co-author Ross DeVol told the Huffington Post.

What about Medfield?  With its bustling senior center on Ice House Road, is Medfield a good place to grow old?  Why or why not?  Does the town have enough services and activities for seniors? What more/less does it need?  Tell us in the comment section below.


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