We love MAP and you will too!

Our families would like to share the wonderful experiences we had with the Medfield Afterschool Program, more commonly known as MAP.  We found that MAP beautifully complemented Medfield’s half-day kindergarten program, and provided a high quality, after-school environment where our children flourished. The expansion of full-day kindergarten in Medfield is welcome and will benefit many children and families.  We had such a positive experience utilizing the combination of our excellent schools and MAP that we hope other families will continue to consider this option.

Many years ago, our sons and daughters first attended MAP after their kindergarten classes at Memorial School, staying until the end of our work days.  They continued with MAP through elementary school, each year experiencing exciting new opportunities for creativity, social growth, and intellectual challenge.  With numerous, well-educated teachers, each MAP site offered an ever-changing variety of activities. At the K-1 MAP site, our children’s choices for the afternoon might have included a monster clay craft, an outdoor scavenger hunt, or an in-depth learning activity about whales.  Our children participated in plays, dances, and singing contests. We will never forget teacher Kurt Jackson’s crazy professor get-up and the many engaging experiments he did with our kids.  He’s still at it – check out the MAP website!   Children would eagerly anticipate the imaginative themes the staff would dream up to decorate and outfit the dramatic play area. We remember “Box World”, “Pirate Ship”, and “The Rain Forest”.  MAP’s creative teachers worked together to plan activities based on students’ interests and varied learning styles, forming special interest clubs.  Movie making, cooking, and music clubs were favorites.  MAP’s many group projects encouraged social interaction, cooperative learning and problem solving. Also provided was the necessary unstructured time for physical activity or recreation. While at work, we were happy knowing our children would be active outside, or in the gym, daily. Our boys and girls built friendships through playing soccer and Capture the Flag, as well as Jenga and Chess.

The MAP teachers, site directors and program director were exceptional professionals who loved their jobs. Many staff members who worked with our children years ago continue to work their magic at MAP: Annette, Meghan, Kurt, Trish, Michael, Stephanie and Greta.  Multiple teachers with different interests, strengths and styles were able to offer more to our children than would be possible with one teacher or child care provider. Each day, the caring teachers found time to talk and chat with us about our children.  Cherished bonds with MAP staffers continue. Several of our children now babysit the children of their beloved, former MAP teachers. 

The community of MAP was, and continues to be, very special. We enjoyed the Heritage Family Dinners, where our children showcased their learning about a foreign country with performances, artwork and food. The friendships our children formed through MAP remained through high school, and continue today, in addition to our long-lasting adult/family friendships. 

MAP knows what it’s doing when it comes to children and they’ve been doing it well for 25 years. We believe that the enriching, hands-on experiences our children had at MAP contributed significantly to their academic achievement and overall well-being.  We encourage all families who are thinking about options for their kindergartners to consider MAP.  Ask around – MAPsters love to share!


Cathy and Mike Lyons, Kristina and Jeffrey Bunce, Theresa and Kerry Woods, Amy Wheeler, Paula Quatromoni, Allison Bryant, Geoffrey Narlee and Annette Zola, Kimberly and Dave MacDonald, Michael Gold, Steve Borkan, Paul and Joyce Mason, Laura Mills and Mark Smith, Maureen and Brad Clark, Russell and Wendy Eng

double.trouble31 February 08, 2014 at 08:37 AM
Very well said! I absolutely agree that MAP was, is, a positive and educating environment for children in Medfield to attend! As a teacher myself, I was impressed with the amount of educational experiences MAP had for each child. MAP always includes activities that vary for each individual child's interests and needs. I sent my twins there and they loved the choices of free choice, and Clubs they could sign up for. My son still has his comic book he made from "comic club", my daughter still has her clay sculptures and she always enjoyed "cooking club". I really hope new families sign their children up for MAP, so your children can experience the rich variety of learning and the educated staff members who are Extremely dedicated to give your child a wonderful experience they will always remember and cherish!! Sign up for MAP today!!
MS February 08, 2014 at 10:47 AM
I absolutely agree! My 3 children have had the great fortune of being MAPsters since Kindergarten. My oldest is now a 6th grader and a CIT at the K-1 program, which he loves. MAP is more than just a stop-gap after school until work finishes, it's an incredible fun, educational, and nurturing environment. My kids still talk about the clubs, the monthly themes, building an igloo, creating a rainforest, the Talent Show, and the Olympics. I still have the CD from K-1 Rock Club, and just hung up the heart wreath that was made in 4-5 MAP. How may after-school programs use the Dewey Decimal System as a jumping off point for theme of the month? We have never regretted our decision to check out MAP, and 7 years later we are still amazed at the diversity and creativity of the program. The Spitzer Family.
KA February 10, 2014 at 08:02 PM
We LOVE MAP! Our most cherished memory is Christmas 2003. Our oldest son was in 1st grade and we had just moved into our house in August. Just before the holiday our door bell rang and who was on our door step?!! A group of MAP teachers singing Christmas carols. Amazing, lovely - above and beyond! Our oldest attended MAP thru middle school and this is his younger brother's second year. The staff is incredibly talented and caring. MAP is a community treasure. The Andes Family
Kay Hoffman February 11, 2014 at 10:40 AM
We totally LOVE MAP. I have 3 kids currently enrolled 2 at Memorial and 1 at Wheelock. Both sites have been absolutely amazing for my kids. The clubs, the group activities, the nurturing environment have been amazing. My kids often come home talking of the science experiments they did or the presentation that they prepared and gave to all their MAPster friends. One of my kids has Celiac and the Memorial team went above and beyond to understand her limitations and to make alternative options for her. I was moved beyond words. When people say it takes a village to raise a child, I am grateful that MAP is part of ours! - The Hoffman Family


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