Poll: Thanksgiving Traditions

What’s your Thanksgiving Day tradition?

For many, Thanksgiving represents a day full of football, food, friends and family.

For others, it means hours of travelling, cooking and/or hosting.

But to all, it is a time to be thankful and reflect on the good in your life amongst good company.

Holidays bring traditions – both old and new. Thanksgiving will start for many across the country Thursday morning around 10 a.m. with high school football games.

It’s tradition.

In Medfield, that tradition has carried for 116 years against six different teams on Turkey Day. For the past 45 years – 46 when the ball kicks off at Calvin George Fisher Memorial Field on Nov. 24 – Medfield will play rival Dover-Sherborn on the last Thursday of November to conclude the high school football season.

It’s an old tradition in Medfield as the community gathers in full force and players of yesteryear return to support Big Blue.

After the final whistle blows Thursday and the stands are emptied, many families will join around the table for a feast that features a variety of dishes that surround the main course: turkey.

Why? Because it’s tradition.

Now, of course, not everyone eats turkey, so some have created their own traditions on this day with their own foods.

Others participate in family-created traditions that are likely to differ from household to household.

In my family, a Thanksgiving tradition was created about six or seven years ago by my mother and father: exchanging Christmas ornaments at the Thanksgiving table.

It started with my parents buying the ornaments to sort of kick-off the holiday season ... and because let’s be honest, who could rely on three sons to go out to a store and pick out ornaments for the family? Speaking of which, in true journalist fashion, I’m going to have to make a stop at after writing this and check out their Christmas inventory.

After a few years, the tradition has caught on and my family and I look forward to seeing the ornaments we picked out for each other, adding to the collection of the ornaments we have received over the years.

If these ornaments are meant to represent the person receiving them, then my family has been spot-on with me. Over the years, I have received variations of ornaments that feature my favorite sports teams: the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics (the lockout should eliminate any Celtics gifts this year). Thankfully, my family sees me beyond my addiction to Boston sports ... as I have also received a bear dressed as a journalist and Clark Kent transforming into Superman in a phone booth – that was a find!

The point is, traditions, whether simple or grand, make a lasting impression that will carry on long after us.

So whether you’re cooking your “usual dish,” travelling to your “usual destination” or watching the football team from your “usual spot” at Calvin George Fisher Memorial Field … take time to be thankful of the routine, of the holiday and of the company, it’s tradition.

So Medfield, we want to know …

Today’s questions: What’s your Thanksgiving tradition(s)?

Share your traditions in our comment section below!


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