Poll: NSTAR’s Response to Medfield Power Outages

How do you rate NSTAR’s response to Saturday’s snowstorm?

Two months after , Medfield residents are once again left powerless in the aftermath of a storm and NSTAR's response has been tested.

“Snowtober,” as many are calling, has caused mass power outages around town and the state due to heavy snow and high winds.

In Medfield, 2,517 NSTAR customers were without power as of midnight Monday. and at 4 p.m., that number dropped to 1,077.

The number Tuesday is down to 667 as of 8 a.m., according to NSTAR.

The remaining 14 percent of NSTAR’s customers in town are forced to play another frustrating waiting game with the utility as it stretches out its 3,000 employees across the state. Full restoration in Medfield is not expected until Wednesday evening, according to NSTAR.

The National Weather Service is calling for extremely cold nighttime temperatures through Thursday, leaving many residents cold and in the dark. as a result of the mass power outages and Schools reopened Tuesday and the majority of the town's issues regarding power outages have been addressed.

Medfield Chief of Police Robert Meaney Jr. said he did not see an NSTAR vehicle in town until 9 p.m. Sunday and while the utility has been able to make progress in town, there's still plenty of room for improvement.

"As far as NSTAR goes, once they arrived here they began to make progress," Meaney said. "I still feel that the communication could be much better, especially with local officials so we can pass information along to residents. I also feel that local officials have great knowledge of the town that NSTAR could put to use in prioritizing their list of repairs."

So Medfield, we want to know …

Today’s question: Do you think NSTAR’s communication and response has improved from Irene?


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