Poll: New Business in Medfield

What would you like to see replace Friendly's on Main Street?

A prime location for a new business opened up in town when Friendly's permanenty closed its doors earlier this week.

Medfield Board of Selectmen chair Osler Peterson wrote on his blog, Medfield 02052, that while the closing of a family-oriented and casual dining restaurant in town is sad, it is also an opportunity for the town to expand and bring a new, interesting feature to the downtown on the corner of Main Street and North Meadows Road.

Peterson said "the landlord of the Friendly’s site had previously talked with the town about not renewing Friendly’s lease and getting a bank to locate at that site. While a bank at that spot might work for the bank and the landlord, I do not see the town well served by another bank replacing such a heavily used restaurant. I feel Medfield would be better served to have a business that interests a high volume of the Medfield public, such as a , a a , a , a , a or a . I would expect that such a prominent site would attract a lot of fast food establishments, but to my mind such a chain restaurant is of much less interest."

So Medfield, we want to know what business you would like to see in that building.

Today's question: What would you like to see replace Friendly's on Main Street?


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