Poll: Medfield's Deer Culling Program

What do you think about the "controlled" deer hunt expected to begin in Medfield on Oct. 17?

The Town of Medfield has announced a controlled deer hunt will take place in town from Oct. 17 to Dec. 31 in an effort to reduce Lyme disease by reducing the deer population. 

Medfield's Lyme Disease Study Committee, formed in 2010, had been given the task of addressing the issue of Lyme disease in town and finding the best solutions to reduce the risks. After reviewing how towns in the surrounding area have handled similar situations and consulting several studies on Lyme disease's relation to deer population, the committee presented the deer culling program to the Board of Selectmen, which approved the proposal in April. 

The program will, according to the committee, will be by bow and arrow only, and will be restricted to “fixed positions in areas where land owners have agreed to allow hunting.” Hunters will use tree stands so they are shooting down, towards the ground. There will be no use of firearms during these hunts and hunters will be required to follow MassWildlife rules and regulations, which prohibits the discharge of a bow and arrow within 500 feet of a house without written permission from the homeowner.

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So Medfield, we want to know what you think about the controlled hunt!

Today's Question: What do you think about the "controlled" deer hunts expected to begin Oct. 17 in an effort to reduce risk of Lyme disease in town?



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