Oh My: Disgusting Vandal, Manic Moped

We report the odd an quirky police news from around the region.

Well, that's just disgusting. OMG.

A Natick woman was arrested Monday after being accused of smearing dog feces on a victim's car. Yuck. The charges the woman faces include intimidating a witness; not listed in the police log was a charge of totally grossing out a witness.

Pretending you were robbed when you were, in fact, the robber, is a surefire way to NOT get away with it.

A Dunkin' Donuts employee in Marlborough told police he had been robbed while making a more than $5,000 deposit for the business. The man said he was robbed by a motorcycle-riding man (I'm picturing a Hell's Angel) who held him up at gunpoint.

The "victim" later confessed to police that he hadn't been robbed; rather, he had been stealing the money himself, over the course of a few months. He was arrested.

More practice is apparently needed

In Medfield, a caller reported an erratic driver pulled onto a street in town. Police found the vehicle but no one was in it. About an hour later, police discovered the erratic driver was a teenage girl learning how to drive.

Manic moped

Officers responded and found the moped parked; they were unable to locate the driver.


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