Medfield02052: Notice of Meetings is Lacking

A blog by Osler "Pete" Peterson who also serves on the Board of Selectmen.


This was taken from Osler "Pete" Peterson's blog, Medfield02052.

Medfield has a problem - people cannot seem to get notification of upcoming meetings in which they are interested.

I am told that the Bayberry and Stagecoach Road neighbors missed our last Board of Selectmen meeting where their beaver problems were discussed because they were apparently not aware that the Board of Selectmen would be discussing their beaver problems that night.  And this morning I missed a Building Committee meeting that I wanted to attend because I did not get notified that it was happening.

My work around has been to rely on the list of town meetings published daily on Patch to fill in the gaps in what I know and do not know.  However, that does not work when one first reads of the meeting when it is over.

Medfield needs a system on its town website, like the ones already used by other towns, that allow people to sign up to receive notifications of meetings, agendas, and minutes of committees and/or departments in which they are interested.  Technology is too good today for Medfield to not be employing current best practices to make it easier for its residents to be engaged citizens.

Richard DeSorgher September 29, 2012 at 01:43 AM
It would be my view that any agenda item that involves a neighborhood or specific section of town, those citizens should be notified by mail in a way similar to what the zoning board does if a zoning issue is coming up in a certain area of town. The ZBA sends out notices to those neighbors impacted, letting them know about the hearing. The Selectmen knew this was an item of concern for the Stagecoach area neighbors... Into the future, the Selectmen should meet with the Town Clerk and form a study committee to see what better system of communicating meeting times and agenda items can be developed. Communications is the key to keeping this a successful and informed community.


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