My Christmas Wish....for Medfield

A Christmas reflection and wish....

I am thankful this Christmas for the people of Medfield.  In the 25 years I have lived here, I have met many dear friends, many devoted “townies”, and many dedicated municipal and school employees.  My town, as I refer to it, is such a giving and loving community.  There are countless organizations that do “good” all year round….too many groups to mention here, fearing I could miss some.

With all the sadness, grief, and unrest in the world today, Medfield is a place of peace and goodness….it very much reminds me of Bedford
Falls, the fictious town in my favorite Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. 

Both Bailey Park in the movie and Baxter Park here, have strung
lights of ringing bells across Main Street…..they had the Bailey Building and
Loan and Gower’s Pharmacy, we have Will’s Hardware and Lord’s!

The people of Bedford Falls came to the aid of George Bailey when he was at wits end and anyone who knows the movie or loves it as much as I do, knows that he comes to the realization that he is the “richest man in town” because of the good he did and the kindnesses shown to others in his lifetime.  In Medfield, we have many George Bailey’s.

Maybe Medfield isn't unique, but it certainly is special. 

Thank you citizens of Medfield for being kind, caring and neighborly…..my Christmas wish is that the people of Medfield will continue to be compassionate, considerate, thoughtful and generous to others.  I can only hope that more communities will emulate Medfield.




Beverly Bennotti December 26, 2012 at 03:18 AM
Count yourself as one of the reasons that Medfield is such a special place!! Your kindnesses to everyone are much appreciated, Colleen!! Bev Bennotti


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