Letter to the Editor: Selectman Peterson Praises Medfield Public Works, Safety Departments for Irene Efforts

Medfield selectmen chair Osler Peterson praised the recent efforts of the Medfield DPW, Police and Fire in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene to restore normalcy to the town.

To the editor,

The , and the Medfield DPW have come in for lots of well deserved praise and appreciation for how they and their employees handled the town's response to . 

Just as NSTAR has come in for some apparently well deserved frustration over its shortage of communication and a coordinated response.

I want to publicly thank the town's employees, as I was truly impressed by and thankful for the work that they did during Tropical Storm Irene - I did drive around on that Sunday afternoon and saw lots of the clean up activity taking place.  As I said at the last Board of Selectmen meeting, what the town employees did, to respond to the multitude of problems that were created for Medfield and to do the tasks to get the town back to being operational, was a sterling example of government really working for its citizens in just the way that we citizens want it to. 

I think the town employees’ efforts made all Medfield residents really happy and proud to share our town's government and the services it provides.

At that last selectman meeting I actually questioned whether the town should consider asking the DPW employees to do even more, where they did what they do so well, and where they have the tools to do things that many homeowners just cannot. 

I proposed that perhaps the residents might want the DPW to pick up branches hauled to the curb up to a certain size. It was a thought I had after struggling to deal with my own two downed trees, but recognizing that I managed only because I do have a chainsaw and a trailer. However, Mike, Ann, and Mark uniformly and roundly nixed the idea.

I look forward to learning how the town’s proposed meetings with NSTAR will make the town's experience with NSTAR better for when we have the next storm.

A big thank you to all the town employees for their Herculean and effective work for the Town of Medfield in responding to the storm.

Osler L. Peterson


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