Letter to the Editor: Selectman Peterson Keeps the Community Informed

Medfield residents Abby and Jeff Marble write in to publicly endorse the reelection of Osler "Pete" Peterson to the Medfield Board of Selectmen.

To the editor,

We would like to publicly endorse the reelection of Osler “Pete” Peterson to the Medfield Board of Selectmen. We have personally known Pete for over 11 years. Pete works hard to keep informed not only about our town’s issues but also at the state level. He keeps informed of all laws, regulations and trends that have the potential to affect our town. Not only does he acquire information so that he can make informed decisions, he also freely shares this information throughout various forums in Medfield. Pete’s  blog, medfield02052.wordpress.com, is a very active forum in which you can read about issues affecting Medfield and the surrounding area and, most importantly, this is a place where questions on issues can be asked.

We admire his personal integrity and willingness to ask the difficult questions in order to get to the best decision. An example of this is his handling of the town garage building plan presented to Medfield at the Annual Town Meeting just last year. Pete took the time to formulate and ask intelligent probing and difficult questions that the rest of us were all still struggling to articulate. These questions will undoubtedly result in an optimal outcome for the highway department and for the residents of Medfield. 

We heartily endorse the candidacy of Osler “Pete” Peterson for reelection to the Medfield Board of Selectmen.


Abby & Jeff Marble
Pheasant Road, Medfield


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