Letter to the Editor: Medfield School Administrators and Staff are Community Champions

Medfield residents Dick and Deirdre Crowell write in to voice support of the Medfield Public Schools administration in light of its decision not to renew the contract of MHS lacrosse coach Bob Aronson.

Dear Editor,

Medfield has a high school full of champions! Thanks to the strong leadership of Superintendent Robert Maguire, Principal Robert Parga, the wonderful system-wide faculty, the dedicated School Committee and supportive parents, our students have been able to achieve the goals they set before themselves.   

Medfield Schools are consistently ranked top in the state for academics, music and arts and athletics. We all can be very proud of our students! 

At the last three School Committee meetings, the issue of Medfield High School boys' lacrosse coach Bob Aronson’s contract has been discussed. We think Bob Aronson is an excellent coach and we appreciate the work he has done to get this program to its current level; however, we are supporting the administration and their decision that he may no longer be the best coach for this position. It was obviously a difficult decision and was not taken lightly. 

The School Committee, superintendent and principal have many responsibilities; including hiring and firing personnel. We believe that these administrators have done a fantastic job. Thanks to the guidance and support of the teachers they have hired, students coming from the Medfield School system are advancing to the top colleges or careers of their choice. 

We hope people listened carefully to what superintendent Robert Maguire and the School Committee said on Monday, March 5 and at each of the other two meetings where this issue was discussed.  A new coaching staff, Mike Douglas and John Isaf, has been hired for the 2012 lacrosse team, and the administration believes this decision is in the best interests of all the students.   Our school leaders have a proven track record and we need to put our trust in them.  

The School Committee, the Medfield School Administration and staff are a championship team who work extremely hard. They put tremendous effort into their work, not just for kids who play lacrosse, but also for the entire Medfield Community. Thanks for all of your efforts!

Dick and Deirdre Crowell
Country Way, Medfield


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