Letter to the Editor: Falmouth's First Abandoned Turbine House

One former Falmouth resident explains why she left her home that is less than a half a mile from the NOTUS turbine.

Falmouth has its first abandoned turbine house. Mine. After making every attempt to survive in all too close proximity to the WEBB/NOTUS/TELEDYNE wind power facility our conclusion is clear. We cannot mitigate, compromise, take it for the team or fight the inevitable forever and maintain good health and quality of life. We have been forced take action and it hurts, big time.

We have cashed in all our savings and moved to Cataumet. The new house is one of the cheapest sold this year. We worked all summer like first time fixer upper homeowners just to make it liveable. Its nothing near the dream house we designed, built and adored 10 years ago. However, compared to living with the effects of the turbine it is heaven.

I sleep again most of the time and am able to think clearly and function again. Some of the time my husband sleeps too, but neither of us are the same. It is pretty hard to think about our future now. All our lifes financial worth is tied up in the turbine house. Retirement is only a few years away and we wonʼt have much to live on. That is unless justice still matters, which seems out of reach right now.

There is no experience that compares to first hand experience. You can tell a soldier all about war in a classroom but until they are in the line of fire it is all academic.

Our home was made my war zone. We choose peace. Peace has a high price and is worth it. Those in the line of fire know the truth, the rest is just mental gymnastics and spin. We have some very active and cruel spin doctors on the job in Falmouth.

These health and life changers happen exactly the same way all over the world where these multi megawatt turbines go up too close to homes. Real science is proving the medical issues and is beginning to be recognized. Just like second hand smoke there will be decades of denial and excuses with an eventual decision in favor of the victims. Of this I have no doubt. After all I am one of the first group of victims. Just bother to believe we arenʼt making this up for heavens sake. Why would we?

Itʼs not looking good, but I pray for Falmouth and this turbine dilemma. This is apivotal moral decision. It looks like the town fathers ( and a certain town mother for sure) are determined to keep the war going until they get a win. All wars cost too much and there are no true winners.

Town meeting cannot handle it either. Falmouth needs a town wide vote and a chance to educate each individual voter on the turbine dilemma. This problem is bigger than anyone realizes and I can guarantee it will never go away as long as those things are still running.

The privately owned WEBB/ NOTUS/TELEDYNE turbine, identicle to the other 2, runs unabated, 24/7 full time and without investigation or much mention in the news. It gets just as many complaints. It has driven me out of my home and others out of their jobs in the tech park. Unfortunately, I know why they skate through untouched. Money talks loudest in Falmouth.

The selectmen and board of health members have been instructed not to talk to the turbine victims. So they just dance, give lip service , dodge us and run from the truth.

Not one of them has a clue first hand what we are experiencing or the kind of torture they continue to inflict.

Sue Hobart, Cataumet

Bill Carson December 20, 2012 at 02:35 AM
The politicians are well aware of the torture the residents around the wind turbines are still going through . At some point the politicians will be held accountable. The Nuremberg Code was enacted because of out of control government . The Falmouth wind turbines have national attention and the groups of organizations fighting for their residential property rights continues to grow ! http://www.windaction.org/news/36806 Falmouth resident confronts Gov. Patrick on wind turbines: "I told [Gov. Patrick] that Falmouth bought two wind turbines from the state and the state had a responsibility for the project, and that the turbines were too big and too close to residences," said Donald, who lives within 1,250 feet of the turbines. "We recommended the state remove the turbines and replace them with solar installation on the town's capped landfill." December 19, 2012 by Scott A. Giordano in The Bulletin
Blowin Smoke December 22, 2012 at 02:05 AM
"Wind turbine syndrome" is a term coined in a self-published book by a US small town doctor who personally opposed a wind farm proposed near her property. Tellingly, the term does not appear once among 22 million papers indexed by PubMed, the US National Library of Medicine's repository of peer reviewed research published in acknowledged journals. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/4394656.html
Bill Carson December 22, 2012 at 03:13 AM
The bottom line here is the Town of Falmouth aka all the taxpayers are going to have to purchase the homes of all the residents affected by the infrasound. The Wind Turbine Options Group will meet on January 8 through 9 and give its recommendations on what Falmouth should do to compensate the residential home owners for the loss of parts of their bundle of rights. They should either shut down the turbines or buy the homes- stop the pain and torture ! Here is the Trailer for movie Windfall. This is going on in Falmouth,Fairhaven,Scituate,Kingston and Plymouth. Every place they put a megawatt turbine another group of citizens forms to stop the noise ! Click on the url and see if this is going on in your town ! http://firstrunfeatures.com/trailers_windfall.html
sue hobart December 26, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Blowin Smoke is completely inaccurate in stating both the credentials and circumstances involved in the initial research and indentification of Wind Turbine Syndrome. Princeton and Johns Hopkins are hardly small town credentials... and a cluster of symptoms actually caused Dr. Peirpont to look for a possible physical scenario for these often reported difficulties. Her research suggests entirely logical and very probable explanations to the fact that turbine neighbors report almost identicle symptoms all over the world. She is a brilliant doctor with the guts to tell the truth and actually cares enough to spend her own time and money to get this stuff said and looked into. It has been at huge personal cost and she has been much maligned by industry fact spinners like blowing Smoke. Having met her personally I guarantee she is the sharpest tool in the shed by a long shot. Unfortunately the spin doctors aren't interested in facts... Just spin , smoke and mirrors... or blowin smoke!
Bill Carson December 26, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Before they used the term infrasound in regards to commercial megawatt turbines it was called Waubra Disease.The disease caused ear pressure, headaches, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure. The Town of Falmouth and Massachusetts and the so called mediation company have to look at a broad range of issues which include sitting issues and noise issues. It's important that infrasound aka Waubra Disease is taken into account. Here's a quote: "There is a mountain of unassailable scientific evidence that infrasound and low-frequency noise from turbines sited near residences cause serious illness. Long-term exposure to this dangerous form of sound energy causes very serious and often irreversible health consequences such as heart damage, cancer and acute neurological deterioration. As much as 70 percent of those exposed for 10 years or more will suffer from at least some serious adverse health effects."


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