Letter: Russ Hallisey Says Medfield 'Needs Nick' Athanasiadis for Selectman

Medfield resident Russ Hallisey writes in to ask voters to choose to Nick Athanasiadis for selectman at Monday's town election.

Dear Editor,


The fact is, that while serving as Selectman, Pete Peterson was also chairman of Medfield Day for a few years, something he refers to on his blog and campaign materials as among his major achievements and contributions to the Medfield community. The fact is, when he left MEMO, he started consistently voting against issuing an event permit to MEMO for Medfield Day under his complaint that Medfield Day was an inordinate expense and burden to the Town. The fact is, that he didn’t have a problem with Medfield Day when he was chairing it.

Aside from the fact that MEMO provides much to the Town by way of its annual events … holiday lights at Baxter Park and around Town, the holiday Girl Scout parade, street flags and summer concerts … all at no cost to the Town, Pete chooses to single out MEMO and Medfield Day as a burden on the Town. In fact as everyone knows, it’s the contrary. An annual tradition for more than 30 years, Medfield Day is a huge benefit to the Town by way of providing the opportunity for businesses and organizations to become better acquainted with the community, and for many exhibitors an opportunity as their largest fundraising event of the year. And the fact is, it’s the largest “feel good” day for the Medfield community.

The fact is, since Pete stopped running Medfield Day, the amount of Town services provided to the event has declined substantially. And when he cites the expenses of the police department during the day Medfield Day occurs, he fails to take into consideration the portion of those expenses which involve other activities of the day unrelated to MEMO and Medfield Day, including Park & Rec’s Road Race and a couple of motor cycle runs passing through Town. And the fact is, whenever billed by the Town for services, MEMO has paid the bill.

I don’t think this is something Pete should be proud of voting against. This is an example of how he operates. He either fails to get the facts, ignores them or misrepresents them, and rather than try to figure out a way to resolve issues he has, he’s an obstructionist.

Nick Athanasiadis brings a different style of business and management to the Board of Selectmen. His life experiences, education, business background and personal awareness and involvement in Medfield’s activities and issues will bring a new dynamic to the Board. He understands how to participate in a collaborative, consensus building manner to work with the other selectmen to effectively manage the business of Medfield.

Please join me in voting for Nick next Monday.


Russ Hallisey
Medfield resident


Osler Peterson March 25, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Russ Hallisey has raised the question of whether I have changed my support for Medfield Day since I stopped running the event. I have not changed my support. As readers of my blog know, I think Medfield Day is a great town event, and I look forward to it every year. I have, however, as Selectman, asked questions during the Medfield Day permitting process. I started asking questions when I learned about changes in facts and circumstances that caused me to conclude that questions about how to provide police services at Medfield Day were warranted and appropriate. Patch limits comments, so to see the rest go to http://medfield02052.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/medfield-day-permitting-issues/ ‎
russ hallisey March 25, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Pete’s comment to my letter continues to demonstrate that he either doesn’t get the facts, ignores them or misrepresents them. As I said in my letter, and as he was informed in a letter from MEMO’s president that was read at a recent selectman’s meeting, and as he has been advised by Chief Meaney at a recent selectmen’s meeting, MEMO has always paid bills received from the Town for services on Medfield Day. Pete’s assertion that MEMO has never been billed, or has ever refused to pay, either in advance of or after being billed, is just not true. And as selectman he should also be aware of MEMO’s history of donations to various departments of the Town, such as covering the cost of painting the new bucket truck for the fire department this year. Again, this is Pete singling out MEMO. Pete continues to address issues from a personal perspective ... we are looking for a selectman who will address issues from the perspective of the best interests of the Town. Russ Hallisey
russ hallisey March 26, 2012 at 03:16 AM
As Pete posted his full comment on his blog, I also attempted to post my reply on his blog. As of yet it seems not to have been posted, "awaiting moderation". I guess he's selectively "transparent". Russ Hallisey


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