Letter: Richard Scullary Calls Pete Peterson 'Ideal Candidate' for Selectman

Medfield resident Richard Scullary writes in to ask voters to choose Osler "Pete" Peterson for Selectman at the Town Election on Monday, March 26.

Dear Editor:

Medfield needs a Selectman who is involved in and knowledgeable about the town and its issues, and Medfield deserves a Selectman who is genuinely committed to the town's best interests. Pete Peterson is that person.  

Medfield Voting and Town Attendance records, located at the Town Clerk's office, show that Pete has attended every Town Meeting and has regularly voted in state, federal, and town elections since at least 1998, the date the electronic records started recording attendance and voting in Medfield.

Pete's voting record, combined with his extraordinary record of public service (detailed at http://Medfield02052.wordpress.com), make Pete an ideal candidate for Selectman. Pete has been actively and continuously involved in our town since before 1998 on a variety of issues that include projects as important as construction of The Center at Ice House Road, renovation of three schools, and the clean up and redevelopment of .  

The same cannot be said of Pete's opponent. The Town Clerk's records show that Pete's opponent has not attended even one Town Meeting since 1998 and has voted in only one town election since 2004. The opponent has not participated in town government at any level since moving to Medfield in 1995.  

Voices in our community already have underscored the importance of participating in local government and of voting. Now, it's time for voters to invest in our town government and support the candidate who has a record of active participation and involvement. Vote for Pete Peterson for Selectman on March 26.  


Richard W. Scullary
Medfield Resident Since 1988

Lou Fellini March 24, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Mr. Scullary you emply that Mr. Petersen was the force behind the Center on Ice House Road. I can assure you, you are very wrong, there were many people collecting petiton signatures for the building--Pete did nothing to support it, this is just another example of his stretching the truth---I was there--Lou Fellini
Susan Norton March 24, 2012 at 08:30 PM
In regards to voting attendance records, I just wanted to share my own personal experience. My first year when we moved here 7 years ago, I went to the Town Meeting. Being brand new I didn't know I was supposed to check in so i went in and took my seat. Another year, the line was incredibly long so I decided I rather have a seat instead so I did not sign in that year. Another year i arrived 15 minutes late and no one was at the registration table, so I didn't sign in. I guess the point I making in Nick Athanasiadis' behalf is that I was at 3 meetings that there is no record of me being there. So Medfield DO NOT judge someone whether their name is on a sign in list or not. That's seems like an awfully crazy way to determine who your Selectman is!
Caroline Geraci March 25, 2012 at 09:05 PM
The fact is, Pete spreads himself so thin volunteering for various committees to enhance his credibility, and blogging about how important he is because he is on these committees, that he can't concentrate on the true work of a selectman: governing the town by meeting with residents to hear their concerns and suggestions, working together with committees that are already in place to ascertain the needs of the town and the best ways to meet them, thinking creatively to solve problems, planning for the town's future so that the character and community is preserved, working tirelessly to research possible solutions, and perhaps most importantly, using all of this input together with his fellow selectman to govern in a consensual, team-like manner based on what research, listening, and collaborative strategizing have shown the best practice action to be. Nick, on the other hand, will have the time to truly focus on the needs of our town. He is not overburdened and burnt out. He is not seeking to self promote (if you knew him, you'd know this is almost the antithesis of his character) and self aggrandize. He is fresh, eager, sharp, creative, and ready to pursue the needs and goals of Medfield.
Frank Perry March 26, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Be serious, the man has not made any effort to vote regularly or attend town meeting. Further, he has not volunteered on any town boards or commitees during the past decade. I am sure he is a nice man but his election as a selectman will set the town back years. P.S. every town meeting I have attended I was checked in.
Errin Chapin March 26, 2012 at 07:40 PM
I agree with Frank. Why would we elect someone who never bothered to take the time to vote or attend a town meeting? The selectman's job is very time consuming. A background of apathy is truly not one that should deserve the right of the selectman's seat. Pete has been bringing change to the selectman's board. Thankfully bringing new ideas and opening up communication. You are living in denial if you think that Pete is not working for the residents of this town. Please vote to re-elect Pete.


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