Letter: Michelle Luhrmann Says Town Needs a Selectman Like Nick Athanasiadis

Medfield resident Michelle Luhrmann writes in to support Nick Athanasiadis for Selectman in Monday's town election.

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of Nick Athanasiadis. Having been a Medfield resident for over 15 years now, I have watched how this town has changed. One of  the things that drew us to the town, was the sense of community. Medfield has been a source of support and friendship to our family amidst good times and times of tragedy. But of key value to our family has been the overwhelming sense of people working together to accomplish great things. Medfield Day, Angel Run, Medfield Angels, town hall, library and school renovations, and the value of volunteering for the greater good.

Our family has known Nick  for a number of years. I have always appreciated Nick's sense of kindness, fairness, good judgment, character and ability to look at the big picture. While Nick has not yet had an opportunity to show his talents in town government, I strongly believe his background and talents will lend itself to being a great selectman, most especially in his abilities to work together with others, with setting goals, and tracking progress.  

We need a selectman who will not only get things started, but get them finished!  Let's get in some new faces and see how we can make way for the future and preserve our small town feel.


Michelle Luhrmann
Loeffler Lane, Medfield


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