Letter: Medfield Residents Endorse Selectman Peterson for Reelection

Medfield residents Linda Hooke and Susan Weisenfeld write in to support Osler "Pete" Peterson for reelection.

With the selectman election quickly approaching, we would like to express our support for Osler “Pete” Peterson for reelection.

Among the many attributes that have made him such an extraordinary selectman for the past 12 years are his vast know-how of financial and legal affairs, his ability to ask the right questions and make informed decisions, and the measures he has implemented in keeping citizens informed. Just as important are his strength of character and his enthusiasm towards local community involvement which we witnessed first-hand.

A few years ago, while co-chairing a town-wide school fundraiser, we had a relationship with an unscrupulous company that without Pete’s help would have resulted in the loss of approximately $7,000 to the Medfield CSA (Community School Association). Unbeknownst to us and other non-profit organizations across the country, this particular company was on the verge of financial collapse but continued to accept upfront payments for products it knew it could not provide.

Upon hearing about this situation, Pete didn’t hesitate to offer his services to help our group and volunteered to do so free of charge. He took immediate action to gather the necessary information and provided his legal expertise to solve a serious matter that may have otherwise caused the demise of this successful school fundraising program. Because of his swift action, we were able to recover every penny owed to us after only a couple business days (after weeks of empty promises before his assistance). Other non-profits groups who dealt with this company lost most, if not all, of their tied up funds when this company eventually went bankrupt.

Though we may have forgotten some of the nitty gritty details over the years, we will never forget how Pete came to our group’s rescue and for that we will always be grateful.

Please join us in voting for Osler Peterson at the polls on March 26th.


Linda Hooke
4 Lakewood Terrace, Medfield

Susan Weisenfeld
1 Tallwood Drive, Medfield


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