Letter: Errin Chapin Says 'Town Needs' Peterson as Selectman

Medfield resident Errin Chapin writes in to support selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson for reelection Monday, March 26.

To the Editor:

On this coming Monday, March 26th, the voters of Medfield have the opportunity to retain Pete Peterson as one of our prized selectmen. The Chapin family  will be casting our three votes for him.

Pete has been an asset to the board for the past 12 years. Prior to that, he was engaged in many aspects of our town. In fact, since he moved to Medfield, he has been an active member of our community. Consistency is key.

The experience that he has attained throughout his service as selectman is undeniable. His devotion to his job is obvious. His effect has been to continue to make Medfield a great town to live in. He pushes the limits, asks tough questions, brings in new ideas and is always there to answer questions. Truthfully.

He is genuinely concerned with what occurs in our town. I am profoundly grateful that he has decided to run again. The time he spends focused on our well being is enormous. The selectman position is not one to take lightly. It demands an enormous amount of time and talent. Pete has demonstrated his ability to stand up to the challenging position with perseverance and success.  
Please join us in voting for Pete on Monday. The town needs him.


Errin Chapin
Medfield resident


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