Letter: Chris Kaldy Endorses Osler Peterson for Selectman

Chris Kaldy, the chair of the Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee, writes in to support Osler "Pete" Peterson for reelection in the March 26th town election.

Dear Editor,

I’d like to endorse the reelection of Pete Peterson for Selectman on March 26. 

Pete was the driver behind organizing the Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee of which I’m chair of. After hearing me speak about Lyme disease prevention to a group of soccer coaches, he immediately contacted me to learn more. Pete clearly understood it to be a public health issue for Medfield and initiated the formation of a citizen’s study committee. 

The committee has several initiatives to help reduce the incidence of Lyme disease in town. Our approach is through education on ticks and personal and property protection as well as responsible management of the deer to reduce the tick population. Pete has been a regular attendee and contributor at our meetings. 

By working with him, I’ve been able to comprehend how much time and commitment he gives to our community with its many committees and organizations. Pete has shown himself to be a concerned, proactive leader who communicates and listens with an open mind. He is an asset we don’t want to lose. Through his initiative to address Lyme disease, I believe Medfield is a better and safer place. Please reelect Pete Peterson.


Chris Kaldy
Chair, Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee


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