Letter: Bob Luttman and Rick Abecunas Endorse Peterson for Selectman

Medfield residents Bob Luttman and Rick Abecunas write in to support Osler "Pete" Peterson for selectman.

Dear Editor,

We are writing to urge Medfield voters to reelect selectman Pete Peterson. Pete's record as a selectman is commendable. Medfield has weathered the financial storms of the last several years without disastrous cuts in town services and Pete is part of the reason for that.

He has also shown a concern for, and worked hard to address, long term issues that face us, from affordable housing to the state hospital to the declining commercial base. He has worked to bring new ideas to the Board of Selectmen discussion on these and other issues.

He has been outfront on the 40B issue, helping organize and lead meetings and discussions. He has been active in several town groups. His work on the Medfield Foundation over the years has helped support many important initiatives in town, from playing fields to the Angel Run. He has helped champion volunteerism, a critical component of what makes Medfield great, through the Volunteers of the Year Award program.

We believe that Pete's intelligence, experience, creativity, hard work, and dedication make him a strong selectman. We urge our fellow Medfield voters to Reelect Pete Peterson.


Bob Luttman
Rick Abecunas


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