Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas And Events

Medfield Patch breaks down our top picks for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is less than 24 hours away and you're still trying to come up with a special, romantic, and caring idea or event to attend. Medfield Patch has got you covered. We picked out some of the best ideas and events to help celebrate this love filled occasion.

1.Want to make your valentine an easy but delicious gift? Learn how to make  or .

2. Looking for a romantic card? What about balloons and other decorations? Be sure to stop by or for any last-minute gifts you may need. What about flowers? Head over to for the best selection in town and other unique gifts that will set you apart from others this Valentine's Day.

3. Looking to head out for a romantic dinner? Local chefs have been working hard to woo you with their delicious dishes this Valentine's Day. If you're staying in town to eat out, be sure to make one of these restaurants your romantic destination: , , or Takara Japanese Restaurant.

4. If you're looking for something nice to do with your significant other close by,  head down Route 27 and onto Route 1 in Foxborough for some Valentine's Day ideas. At Patriot Place, you can catch a movie, go ice skating and more. Check out

5. Looking for a quick gift idea that will be sure to impress? Try thinking outside the lens. Take a romantic novel or your own book of love poems and open it to your favorite page. Make sure you have a bright light shining over the book. Next, take a ring and place it standing up straight in the crease of the book. Using a flashlight, shine the light directly over the ring. You will see a heart shape form when the light hits the ring. Snap a photo of your creation, frame it and hand it to your sweetheart. Click on the image gallery above to see a picture of the final product.


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