Gardening Tip of the Week: Is Your Garden Getting Enough Water?

With all the hot weather we've been having, it's important to keep your garden hydrated.

Today's gardening tip comes from the Martha's Vineyard Patch where resident garden expert, Laura Stone of , offers advice about watering your garden. 

A garden needs one inch of rain or water each week. Early morning is the best time to water. Evening watering is less desirable because plant leaves that remain wet through the night are more susceptible to fungus diseases. Mulch plants to reduce water losses and improve yields.

Check the soil moisture of container grown vegetables and flowers daily. As the temperature rises, some plants may need water twice a day

Cut back and fertilize delphinium and phlox to encourage a second flowering

Tall flowers should be staked to prevent damage by wind. Use stakes which are large enough to support the plant but are not too conspicuous. Use soft twine or twist ties to secure.

Continue to make successive plantings of crops like beans and sweet corn to provide a continuous harvest until fall. A small garden will produce a large quantity of vegetables if replanting is done throughout the summer.

Happy gardening! 


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