CVS Parking Lot: Is It Just Me?

In this column, you ask and Patch answers.

Last week (and again over the weekend), a frustrated Patch parker asked, "What's up with the new CVS parking lot? It's new and improved with nice landscaping, but is it me or is it a nightmare to park?"

According to Planning Board documents, the new configuration has 71 spaces which is six fewer than before the CVS renovation.  

When the Planning Board asked if fewer spaces would suffice, this was their response:

The average peak period parking demand has been calculated for the weekday and Saturday peak periods for all of the proposed land uses on the site including the CVS pharmacy, Palumbo Liquors, Subway, and Citizens Bank.  The average parking demand rates from the 4th Edition of the ITE Parking Generation publication for each of the land uses on the site were used to calculate peak parking demand. 

Suring the weekday peak period, the combined parking demand for all of the site’s land uses is approximately 69 spaces and during the Saturday peak period the combined parking demand is approximately 64 spaces.  The proposed site plan depicts 71 parking spaces on the CVS property. 

In addition to these 71 parking spaces, there are 24 additional parking spaces on the adjacent parcel.  Therefore, the number of parking spaces proposed as part of this project should adequately serve the expected parking demand of the site.

What do you think about their answer? Have you had trouble parking? Where are the additional 24 parking spaces? Have you gotten stuck behind vehicles that are cross-parked or standing in front of the entrance thereby blocking the exit? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.  

Richard DeSorgher October 13, 2012 at 04:34 AM
The issue seems to be that the entrance/exits into CVS are not wide enough- SUVs and trucks exiting do not leave enough room for cars to enter from RT 27. When you back up to exit from your parking spot in front of CVS there are cars trying to exit onto RT 27 and you can't back up because the line is past where you are parked. The exit/entrance onto RT RT 109 is also too narrow in addition too the fact that the line from the traffic light is always backed up past where you are trying to exit. There needs to be a no parking on the very end spot over by the barber shop by the RR tracks, as there is not enough room for cars to pass each other. There is going to be an accident there very soon. The selectmen need to take a look at this and work with the Chief of Police and CVS to improve what is clearly an accident waiting to happen. The selectmen need to be pro active not wait until there is a crisis.
Jay Gerber October 15, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Not sure about anyone else but because it seems very dangerous parking, entering and leaving the lot, I decided to do my CVS and Wine shopping in Millis


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