Proposed Indoor Sports Facility in Medfield Needs Your Support

Local developer has a proposal to build an indoor sports facility in town near the Kingsbury Club which would increase tax revenue for the town.

Hello Medfield Patch Readers -

There is an article being proposed at the town meeting on Monday that needs your support.  The article, #21, would grant the Board of Selectman permission to lease a piece of land behind the Kingsbury Club to a private developer.

The proposed facility would be privately funded with no town financial support.

A local developer, Bob Borelli, has developed a proposal for this piece of property to build an 120,000 sq. ft. indoor sports facility featuring 4 soccer fields and 4 multipurpose courts for basketball and other activities.  The soccer fields could also be used to support lacrosse, baseball and softball teams.

The benefits for having a business such as this in town are clear:

  • Increased tax revenue for the town.
  • Access to indoor facilities for our teams.  As of now we have 29 soccer teams playing at Forekicks, lacrosse teams renting a baseball facility and basketball teams renting space in Dover and Norfolk.
  • Added business for other local businesses.  Other businesses such as Honey's, Noon Hill Grill etc would benefit from added traffic as well.

The local Park and Recreation Committee is also trying to gain control of the land for two fields to be built as a later date.   The town already has playing fields at the Junior and Senior High School, Dale St., McCarthy Park, Metacomet, the Hospital, Wheelock and the PFAFF.   Does the town really need more fields?  Or do we need closer facilities for our kids to use when the weather turns cold?

As a long time Medfield resident, I truly believe it is the best interest of the town to enable other businesses to come to town to increase our tax base.

Please come support Article 21 at the Town Meeting on Monday, April 29th.  Please visit www.medfieldsports.com to learn more.

Thank you

John Thompson


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Will E April 27, 2013 at 12:09 PM
As long as this doesn't turn into a park & rec project. The town does not run these types of facilities or operations efficiently.
GM April 28, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Will E, I'm curious about the basis of your statement that Park & Rec doesn't run these types of facilities or operations efficiently. When has Park & Rec run a facility like this here in town? Are you talking about Hinckley Pond? Are you referring to the Pfaff Center? I haven't heard people complain about the programs that Park & Rec runs. Your observation seems to suggest that there has been something in the past that wasn't handled well and I'm wondering about what it was as you see it. To be clear, the Park & Rec article calls for the land to be used for athletic fields, not a facility. To also be clear, the town originally bought the land in 1995 with the idea of using it to attract commercial development to town. To date, we have a commercial enterprise on one of the three lots that has not yet been able to implement the full vision it described when it first leased the property from the town, and a second lot that is the site for the Center at Medfield (a town-owned facility). From a revenue standpoint, it is likely that Park & Rec would be able to rent the fields once they are established, so there would be a new source of revenue to the town there. But, a commercial enterprise would be paying both property taxes and lease payments for use of the land, and that would undoubtedly involved a higher total amount of revenue to the town, similar to the case for the Kingsbury Club.
Richard Rogers April 28, 2013 at 11:15 PM
How can the Park and Rec take care of another parcel of land or building. This dept has taken over all the town owned land, Town Hall, Baxter Park, Library, Fire and Police and there own building. These parcels have never looked this bad. Why are we paying the Park and Rec director to go around town trying to do maintenance when his job is director of Park and Rec not laborer. I think any of the DPW laborers would love to get his salary and not have to come in to plow snow.
Mel Seibolt April 29, 2013 at 02:58 AM
Mr. Rogers, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the history of the Park and Rec's maintanance of Town Hall, Baxter Park, Library, Dwight Derby House, Meetinghose Pond, Police and Fire. These properties were at one time maintained by the DPW. We were given the responsibility of maintaining these properties without additional personnel or budget. It was not our choice. The reason the Director is helping to maintain these properties is because the work has to be done! Park and Rec has a staff off three (3). This include the director. Feel free to visit the Pfaff Center. We'll be happy to address your many misconceptions of how the Park and Rec functions. Mel Seibolt Medfield Park and Recreation Commission
Bill Finn April 29, 2013 at 01:46 PM
I think the idea of this much needed sports facility tucked away on Ice Hill road would make a great addition to what is already located down there. It is out of the way and compliments the athletic structure already in place. A PLACE FOR MEDFIELD TALENTED ATHLETES in Medfield !!! I am certain the Park and Rec could obtain more fields to maintain at the State Hospital Site when that development is torn down. There is a ton of acreage in this area. I realize it is state owned, but would they really deny Medfield a few acres.


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