What Are the Most Romantic Restaurants in Medfield?

Help couples find somewhere to dine this Valentine's Day and singles find somewhere to have a drink and maybe meet someone new.

We all know there will be myriad options—and reservations, and long lines—for Valentine's Day at restaurants in Boston and some of the bigger towns throughout the area.

But what about in Medfield?

As we compile Patch Picks of restaurants in Medfield this week, we want to know: What are the most romantic restaurants in Medfield or nearby? What makes those restaurants romantic? Is it the atmosphere? Live music? Or just the food itself? (Mmm ... chocolate?)

We'll also accept restaurant or bar recommendations for anyone who's in the Lonely Hearts Club this Valentine's Day. Where's a good place for people who are single to gather and make an ironic toast to a "Hallmark Holiday?" (Or perhaps meet someone new?)

Provide your answers in the comments section below, and on Thursday, we'll gather everyone's suggestions into Patch Picks.


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