Where Do You Get Your Fish on Fridays During Lent?

Here's a quick look at restaurants around Medfield where you can enjoy a non-meat dinner on Fridays during Lent (and beyond).


One of the Rules of Lent is no meat on Fridays and to many Lenten observers, that means fish.

And so, Patch has compiled a list of restaurants in Medfield where you can enjoy a good fish dinner on Friday nights (eat in or take out). 

  • Noon Hill Grill, 530 Main Street, 359-9155
  • Zebra's Bistro, 21 North Street, 359-4100

Or, if you prefer your seafood prepared another way,

  • Jing Garden II, 16 No. Meadows Road, 359-8272
  • Takara, 1 Green Street, 359-7888

Or, if you'd prefer something other than seafood,

  • Casa-Bella Pizza, 454 Main Street, 359-4040
  • Go Fresh, 10 North Street, 359-9944
  • Papa Gino's, 10 No. Meadows Road, 359-2040
  • Royal Pizza, 483 Main Street, 359-2424

Is there another place in or around Medfield to enjoy a non-meat dinner on Fridays? Tell us in the comment section below.


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