Uniquely Medfield: Principals and Superintendents

A weekly column by Town Historian Richard DeSorgher.

Medfield High School was first established on March 24, 1870. The high school was then located in the Center School, later named the Ralph Wheelock School located on 25 Pleasant Street. That building burnt to the ground in 1940. 

In 1927, Medfield moved to its new home with the building of the Hannah Adams Pfaff High School on the corner of Dale and North Streets, today’s Pfaff Center.

In 1942, the high school moved again, this time to the new Hannah Adams Pfaff High School, located on the corner of Dale and Adams Street, today’s Dale Street School.

In 1961, Medfield High School moved across town with the building of the Amos Clark Kingsbury High School on 24 Pound Street.

In 2005, Medfield High School moved into its current home when it switched buildings with the Thomas A. Blake Middle School. Near total renovations took place along with additions added to the original middle school building. 

The following are the principals of Medfield High School since it was officially established on March 24, 1870:

  • 1870, Henry F. Kurt
  • 1870-1871, Mr. Marvel
  • 1871-1872, Walter S. Parker
  • 1872-1873, William L. Whittemore
  • 1873-1874, Cornelius E. Wood
  • 1874-1875, Miss Wardwell
  • 1875-1878, William E. Marshall
  • 1878-1879, Walter H. Small
  • 1879-1882, Charles N. Bently
  • 1882-1883, Clarence E. Griffin
  • 1883-1884, Miss E.J. Towele
  • 1884-1889, E. Emmons Grover
  • 1889-1890, Eugene F. DeNormandie
  • 1890-1892, Edwin H. Whitehill
  • 1892, George C. Burrage
  • 1892-1895, Charles Guild
  • 1895-1897, Daniel G. Munson
  • 1879-1900, Walter Van Kleek
  • 1900-1901, Leonard M. Patton
  • 1901-1903, Clarence H. Jones
  • 1903-1904, Medfield High School closed, students sent to Dedham and Walpole high schools
  • 1904-1907, Thomas H. Kenworthy
  • 1907-1909, William J. Chisholm
  • 1909-1912, Norval B. Spinney
  • 1912-1918, Ralph W. Taylor
  • 1918-1919, C. Harold Risley
  • 1919-1947, Alton H. Hartford
  • 1947-1949, Raymond S. Locke (Headmaster)
  • 1949-1952, Charles E. Benton
  • 1952-1955, William H. McLin
  • 1955-1970, Charles F. Mains
  • 1970-1974, Russell H. Johnson
  • 1974-1991, Tassos P. Filledes
  • 1991-1999, Robert C. Maguire
  • 1999-2000, Judith E. Noble (Interim Principal)
  • 2000-2003, Ann Ashworth
  • 2003-2007, Andrew Keough
  • 2007-2008, Judith E. Noble (Interim Principal)
  • 2008-2011, Judith E. Noble
  • 2011-present, Robert Parga 

With the recently-announced retirement of Superintendent Robert Maguire, Medfield is currently in the process of hiring its 18th superintendent of schools. Our first superintendent was hired in 1899, 113 years ago. Superintendent Maguire will be completing his 13th year as superintendent, having previously served eight years as principal of Medfield High School.

The following list contains the superintendent of schools serving the Medfield Public Schools:

  • 1899-1905, Abner A. Badger
  • 1905-1908, Frederick W. Kingman
  • 1908-1916, M.J. West
  • 1916-1924, Albert S. Ames
  • 1924-1927, Theodore W. King 
  • 1927-1929, A. Howard Williamson 
  • 1929-1943, Lyman R. Allen 
  • 1943-1949, E. Perley Eaton 
  • 1949-1952, George C. Roy 
  • 1952-1957, William H. McLin 
  • 1957-1972, Thomas A. Blake 
  • 1972-1976, Dr. Bruce Pulsifer 
  • 1976, James H. Morris (Acting Superintendent of Schools)
  • 1976-1984, Robert Cresto
  • 1984-1995, Thomas A. Reis
  • 1995-1999, Dr. Christopher H. Martes 
  • 1999-2012, Robert C. Maguire 
Chad December 15, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Thank you, good memories - Mr.s Blake and Mains were during "our" era altho I did know Mr. Morris as V. Principal. Was surprised to see Mr. Blake was in town before the "new" high school was built. I thought he "brought his family out to the country" after the construction. Can you list some more names (I guess more specifically - principals) for the other schools from over the years to jog this classmate's memory?


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