Summarize in Five Words What Lord's Department Store Means to You

Can you summarize in five words what Lord's means to you?


Lord's Department Store is closing on Feb. 28 and the Lord's Celebration Committee () is asking on the "Medfield Remembers Lord's" Facebook page:

If you could summarize "Lord's Department Store" in five words, what would they be?

So far, responses include:

  • Always has what you need 
  • Bill,Tom and Nancy Kelly 
  • Thanks for the memories Lords 
  • Heart and soul of Medfield 
  • Absolutely one of a kind 
  • A place I'll always remember 
  • Lord's helped make Medfield unique 
  • Best candy counter ever yummmm 
  • Beautiful memory of my childhood! 
  • I bought my yo-yo there!
  • Small town charm Thanks Lords

What would your five words be? 


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