School Grounds to be Sprayed for EEE and WNV

All schools in the Medfield Public School system will be sprayed in the early morning hours on Thursday as a precautionary measure.

Norfolk County Mosquito Control will spray the areas around the Medfield Public Schools on Thursday, Sept. 13 between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. 

Superintendent Robert Maguire told the Medfield School Committee at its meeting on Monday that the school department is taking steps to protect students against Eastern Equine Encephalitis and the West Nile Virus.

According to the NCMC's latest weekly report, neither virus has been identified in Medfield.

The areas around all five schools will be sprayed.

"Given the concern that we have about the seriousness of the diseases, we believe this is a prudent action," Maguire said.

He said the pesticide the NCMC will use "dissipates immediately, in something like 15 minutes, and doesn't leave toxicity." 

"Its actually a synthetic compound that's similar to chrysanthemums and has low toxicity to humans," Maguire said, noting the product is available to purchase at large home renovation box stores.

"We're concerned about the serious health risk that mosquitos pose [and] we believe it's a safe thing to do," he said.

As an additional precaution, Maguire said that some sports teams, who are playing 'away' games in high-risk towns, have moved night games to earlier in the day because of the health threat. 

To watch a video of NCMC reloading its helicopter, as seen on its website, click here.


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