NSTAR to Prune Trees in Medfield from August to September

NSTAR says the pruning work in Medfield will take place in early August and be completed by September. The project is expected to cover a total of 36 miles as work will be done in Dover as well.

In an effort to help reduce tree-related power outages for its customers, NSTAR is expected to start pruning trees in several areas throughout Medfield, beginning in early August and wrapping up by September. 

NSTAR's tree pruning contractors will be working in the areas of Evergreen Way, Harding Street, Hospital Road, Mill Street and North Street. The entire project, according to NSTAR, includes work in Dover and covers a total of 36 miles.

"Trees are one of the top causes of power outages, so it's important that we address them through proper pruning," said Chris Fallon, NSTAR senior arborist. "We recognize the aesthetic and environmental benefits of trees, [so] we do our work with the utmost care for their long-term health."

NSTAR said customers are responsible for tree maintenance on their own property, including keeping tree branches away from wires that connect their homes and businesses to the main utility wires on the street. NSTAR recommends contacting a professional tree service to perform this work. 


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