Welcome Back: New Principals Greet Students on First Day of School

Medfield students at Dale Street and Wheelock schools were greeted by their new principals when they arrived back at school on Tuesday.

Even though the sun wasn't shining, the smiles and excitement on the faces of the students at both Dale Street School and Wheelock were bright as they were met by their new school principals.

Louise Snyder, Principal of the Dale Street School, greeted all the children as they exited the buses this morning.  Showing her Medfield school spirit, she had a Medfield Warrior umbrella with her just in case the rain started to fall again.  Many of the students took a moment to say "Good morning" and shake the hand of their new principal.

Donna Olson, Principal of Wheelock School, spoke to many of the students as they made their way into the school.  She welcomed them as they stepped into the halls of Wheelock and waved to them as they stepped off the buses.  The students were excited to start the school year, see old friends and meet their new principal.

Lots of smiles on the students and new principals in these photos from the first day of school at Dale Street and Wheelock.


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