Customer Says: Dear Lord's, Thanks for the Memories

People have started to record their memories at Lord's Department Store. What's your favorite Lord's memory?


The owners of Lord's Department Store have started a memory book in which patrons can preserve their memories of the iconic store that will close its doors on Feb. 28.

The store, which was founded in 1940 by Raymond Lord then taken over by Bill Kelly in 1981, was sold on Dec. 31.

People have started to fill the binder with memories and some of those memories are posted on the store's large front windows, like this one:

Dear Lord's,

I bought my baseball card collection from you -- one pack at a time. Stale gum included. All of my school projects were made with your markers and posterboard, and my friends and I always stopped off for a candy bar on half days.

Thanks for the memories!

Brad Harris, Charlesdale Road

No matter if you've lived in Medfield for a month, a year, 50 years, or you've just passed through, everyone seems to have a Lord's story. What's yours? Tell us in the Comment section below.

Dave Clark January 13, 2013 at 02:49 PM
My Mom used to bring me to Lord's in the 60s and 70s, and the first thing I did was head for the toy section in the back-left corner of the store. If I remember correctly, it took up about three aisles, and I was always surprised and pleased by the selection of toys there. The huge candy selection (it seemed huge to me at the time, anyway) to the left of the cash register at the front was always my second visit. I hadn't been to Lords again until 2008, when my Mom moved to Medfield and I came to visit her. I was pleasantly surprised at how the store had upgraded yet managed to keep a "small town" feel ... especially the ice cream/soda fountain bar at the back (I think when I was a kid it was a lunch counter). It's really too bad that Lords has to close, though of course you can't stop "progress". It's hard to define what, for some people, makes visiting a store like Lords a more positive experience than visiting a modern, typical chain store ... I think it's that there's just more of a human element there, something that people are missing these days.


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