Lord's: Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

Be sure to stop by for last-minute souvenir or just "one more trip around the block." The mugs are gone but there were a few t-shirts left at last check.


The merchandise is marked down to 90 percent off, the fixtures and bar stools are gone, and the floor is nearly bare.

Now it's time to say goodbye to Lord's Department Store (1940-2013) and the Kelly Family who ran it for decades.

Sing along if you know it (or click the YouTube link, if you need a little help).

[Sung to the tune of the Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Alma Mater" theme song -- we've added an extra "L" in "Kelly" for good measure.]


Come along and sing our song / for Lord's Department Store

K E L ... / ... L L Y  / Kelly Family


Through the years / We'll all be friends / Wherever we may be

K E L ... / ... L L Y  / Kelly Family


Lord's Five & Dime / Lord's Five & Dime / Forever let us hold our [Midnight Madness] banner high


Now it's time to say goodbye / after seven_ty three years 

K E L ... -- Lord's, we'll miss you!

... L L Y -- Why? Because we love you!  

Kelly Fam-i-ly!


Disney/Medield Fun Facts:

  • Mickey Mouse Club member Annette Funicello was born in 1942, two years after Lord's Department Store opened in Medfield.
  • According to Medfield history, Walt Disney came to Medfield several times to visit his friend Justin Dart, who owned Holiday Farm on Elm Street. From visiting Medfield, Disney Pictures used the name in at least two of its movies: “Absent Minded Professor” (1961) starring Fred MacMurray, and “Flubber” (1997) starring Robin Williams. Both films focused around the fictitious Medfield College. 
Osler Peterson February 27, 2013 at 01:58 PM
Cute song Theresa! I really liked it a lot. I would only change the penultimate line to read ==> "because we love you!" Tom, Nancy, and Mrs. Kelly, Thank you for all you and Bill did for Medfield through the way you all ran Lord's! Best of wishes for more successes in the future in your next endeavors. Pete
Theresa Knapp (Editor) February 27, 2013 at 07:57 PM
Agreed and done!


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