Here's My Favorite Lord's Memory, What's Yours?

Be sure to record your favorite stories in the memory book or in an audiovisual recording at Friday's party. They will be kept by the Kelly family and the Medfield Historical Society.


Okay, Medfield, there's not much time left so here's my favorite memory of Lord's Department Store. After you read mine, I'd love to read yours!

Make sure you record your memory either in person at Friday's party, on Facebook at Medfield Remembers Lord's, or in the comment section of this story -- whichever way you choose, be sure to do it soon as the store will be closing two weeks from today. 

Here goes...

This past Christmas, my 13-year-old son headed to Lord's to buy that one last gift on his shopping list -- mine. I sent him fully-prepared with a detailed list of various options as well as their exact location in the store. He had $20 to spend.

After the holidays, he would relay the details of that day...

Minutes after school let out for Christmas vacation, he walked uptown to Lord's, took out his list, carefully weighed his options, selected a "Medfield" spoon rest, and was standing in front of the display perplexed that the item did not have a price tag on it -- we hadn not covered that scenario.

An employee walked by, noticed he was having trouble, and asked him if he needed help. He asked the lady the price of the spoon rest, and she asked him how much money he had to spend. He said $20 and she told him it was $19.95 including tax. 

When I opened the spoon rest Christmas morning, I could tell he was proud of his purchase and I was proud of him. 

But, there's more...

I recently shared my Christmas spoon rest story with Nancy Kelly-Lavin, who co-owns the store with her brother Tom Kelly. I wanted to let her know that one of her employees made his shopping very easy. 

Nancy said, "Oh, was that your son? I remember him. Can I tell you something, it was really $24.95 but he said he only had $20. I asked him if it was for his Mom for Christmas and he said yes, so we sold it to him for $19.95." 

At first, I was so moved, I didn't know what to say.

Then, I was impressed that she would consider a child's budget and feelings before quoting a price -- what other store does that in this day and age?

But finally, in the end, I was not surprised because that story, my story, has "Lord's" written all over it: Convenient location, safe for children, wide selection, reasonable prices, and a friendly, caring staff. 

Once I pulled myself together, I thanked Nancy again and told her how much that meant to me and my family. 

She said, "That's why we've been here for 73 years!" 

Lord's has been the heartbeat of Medfield Center for many years and will be greatly missed for many reasons.

So Medfield, that is my favorite Lord's memory. You read mine now I want to read yours in the comment section below. 

PattiA February 14, 2013 at 03:12 PM
Sweet story. Thank you for sharing.
Marcia Driscoll February 14, 2013 at 05:09 PM
Just recently moved out of state, I left Medfield and now Lord's is leaving also. A true gem of Medfield, will be greatly missed. MarciaD
Theresa Knapp (Editor) February 14, 2013 at 09:33 PM
From The Sweeney Family: We moved to town on April 1st 1997.....If that date seems familiar to you, it is the day of the April Fools Snowstorm. Our home was still under construction so we moved in rental across the street from Lords. We were moving from Pennsylvania and it had already been Spring there for a month. We had only light clothes on and whatever could fit in the minivan. A small amount of our things were supposedly right behind in a smaller moving van and the rest was bound for storage until our home was completed. Needless to say we were ill prepared for a blizzard and a power outage. Beside that we looked a little shaggy from the move (my husband hadn't shaved for a couple of days). Once we found out the moving van with our belongings would not be arriving that day (the truck was stuck somewhere between Medfield and PA), we set out to see what was opened in our new downtown. We walked into Lords and promptly made a pile of "essential items", candy, videos, toys, a Medfield mug, ice scraper, batteries, sweathsirts....and much more. One problem.....we had no cash and the credit card machine was not working due to the storm. Oh boy, now what! Don't worry said the person behind the counter, come back tomorrow and pay us!! Didn't take our name or number....just trusted us to come back. And come back we did, for 16 years countless times. Thank you Lords! The Sweeney Family
Blanchard Warren February 14, 2013 at 10:23 PM
I was in my early teens and Lord's was in the original wooden building. Ray Lord hired me to burn trash at the back of the store.


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