Do You Know How Much Heat Your House is Losing Right Now?

Find out tonight at a meeting at the library with Sagewell, a company that has taken a thermal image of most houses in Medfield.

Do you know how much heat you’re losing through your windows and doors? Do you want to learn how you can conserve energy and save money on your heating bills?

Tonight, Medfield Green and the Medfield Energy Committee are sponsoring a workshop with Sagewell, the company that has taken thermal images of nearly all houses in Medfield.

Residents can now go on-line and look at a photo of their house and see, through a color-coded image, where exactly the house is losing heat.

The purpose of the workshop – which is tonight, Jan. 17 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Medfield Public Library -- is to help residents interpret their thermal image and to find out how to make their homes more energy- and cost-efficient.

Residents are invited to bring a copy of their image to the meeting.

Also at tonight’s meeting will be Mike Cucchiara with Next Step Living, a Home Performance Contractor in the Mass Save® Home Energy Service Program.

Cucchiara will explain the necessary steps to implement the weatherization opportunities found in each home to make it more energy efficient, to lower utility bills and to help residents make their homes more comfortable all year round.

“There will be an opportunity to speak to an expert about thermal imaging and learn about incentives in Medfield,” said Tim D’Souza of Sagewell, noting there are different programs available in different towns depending on many factors including the utility companies that service the area.

Residents are encouraged to attend to be matched with the program that best suits their needs.

Medfield Resident January 17, 2013 at 09:17 PM
If you attempt to find the thermal scan of your home on their web site, they will require that you agree to "an in-home energy assessment:" Let me translate that for you: "if you sign in to their web page you agree to have a salesperson come to your home use and try to sell you something." BTW, there is a slight work around if you don't want to waste your time sitting down with one of their salespersons at your home. Use the map function available on the sagewell web page at this link: http://www.sagewell.com/property_search/mapview/home-owners Then zoom in on the map to Medfield and find your neighborhood. You will see a map with images of homes that were scanned in your area (not all homes were scanned...you had to give your consent to be scanned and many people did not consent). Click on the home you're interested in. And remember: when you agree to a thermal image scan by a for-profit business, you are just giving away one more piece of your family's privacy. An intrusive image of your home is now available on the internet to the whole world, downloadable and thus permanent for others to see.
GM January 18, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Well, I guess I don't see the problem with a business offering a free technical analysis that will give me information and ideas about things I could do to help myself be better off. If you think the thermal scan is worthwhile in the first place, wouldn't you then want to talk to someone who has the expertise to do something with the information and install appropriate improvements? This may not be the company you ultimately decide you want to use to make those improvements, but is there a reason why you would automatically preclude them from the list of possible suppliers to talk to? They're the ones who are being proactive about educating you on the opportunity to save money. While I have concerns about the myriad ways our personal information is being floated and shared over the internet these days, a thermal scan of my house isn't one of the things that I feel threatened by, even if people I don't know have access to the thermal scan. I suppose the scan could reveal where I store my large supply of cold beer, or something like that, but this just doesn't feel like the dire threat to my privacy that having my credit card number stolen, or my social security number circulated presents. Maybe I'm just missing one of the emerging threats we face in our society ...
Sagewell Inc. January 18, 2013 at 08:30 PM
Sagewell response: Requesting a no-cost in-home energy assessment (a utility program) is not mandatory, and is not performed by Sagewell. It would be carried out by contractors approved by the utility program who will provide homeowners with energy efficiency retrofit work options (often subsidized by the program). There is no obligation to proceed with any recommendations. Thermal images are a non-intrusive way of seeing energy leaking out of your home. Sagewell's mission is to get homeowners to be aware of these inefficiencies and to act on them. While we do pay for the program via referral fees from the assessment companies, we never sell personal information, and homeowners will not receive calls or mail from anyone else unless they specifically request it. Also, thermal image reports are only available to the homeowner via a password protected system. For more details, feel free to contact Sagewell at 617-963-8141.


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