Tonight's 40B Hearing Postponed to Nov. 5 Due to Storm

The ZBA's financial consultant will not be able to meet with its financial consultant tonight because his return flight was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.


The Zoning Board of Appeals has postponed tonight's meeting on The Parc at Medfield, a 96-unit affordable housing development proposed off West Street, until Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m.  

The sole purpose of tonight's meeting was to hear from the town's financial consultant regarding the financial implications of the waivers sought by applicant Gatehouse Group LLC.

The ZBA office says the consultant had been out of town and his weekend return flight was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. 

That consultant is now expected to make a presentation on Oct. 30 at 7:30 p.m. but it will focus on the economical feasibility of the project, not how it will affect the town's bottom line.

"What I care about is, 'What is the economic impact of these waivers?' assuming we were to deny one," said ZBA Chairman Robert Sylvia at the board's Oct. 15 meeting. "What is the impact of one of these waivers on the project?" and would any waiver the denies be prohibitive to the applicant.

Town Counsel Mark Cerel said the consultant would not analyze the economic impact on the town or the school system, but would focus only on "what's legal and relevant; it's strictly whether or not the project is economical" for the town. 

At the board's , Gatehouse agreed to an additional one-week extension (from Oct. 31) to Nov. 5 for the ZBA to close the hearing, if need be.  

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