With Lord's Closing, Where Will I Buy Medfield Spirit Wear?

You Ask, Patch Answers: With Lord's closing, where will I buy my Medfield sweatshirts and other spirit wear?

Since the announcement last week that Lord's Department Store will be closing in February, several Patch readers have asked...

Question: Now that Lord's is closing, where will I buy my Medfield sweatshirts?

Answer: Right down the street at Park Street Books and Toys. 

Jim James, owner of Park Street Books and Toys, said he has been asked several times to consider carrying Medfield spirit wear and he has agreed.

"We will offer Spirit Wear because many customers have asked us to do so and it is a great fit for our store. We are excited to work with Juli Sinnett of Medfield and her company Swervepoint, to supply the clothing," he said. "We will offer a great selection at a reasonable price."

James said he was sad to hear the news the downtown anchor store Lord's will be closing after 73 years on Main Street.

Park Street Books and Toys will be relocating to 504 Main Street (right around the corner from its current location at 26 Park Street) in the Spring.

"Lords was an institution and a tradition. It is sad to see a locally owned business close," he said. "When sadness occurs, the best thing to do is acknowledge and honor it and then press on and do something about it."

James said Park Street Books and Toys will try to fill gaps left by Lord's closing next month.

"We have offered to carry Medfield SCRIP, we will increase our hours (we are already open 362 days per year), we will carry school supplies at a great price, we will have Spirit Wear, we have had our own 'Midnight Madness' for the last five years and it has been well-received, we will continue that on Main Street," he said of the store's new location to which they are moving in the Spring.

"We don't plan to replace Lords or its place in the community. We plan to continue the tradition of a locally-owned, community-based store that hires local teenagers and is here for many years.

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