Medfield's Electric Time Featured in Wall Street Journal

Sarah E. Needleman of the Wall Street Journal featured Medfield's Thomas Erb and his clock-making firm on West Street, Electric Time, in her story on more governments looking to require small businesses provide time-off benefits, such as paid sick days.

Medfield's Thomas Erb, like many other small-business owners, is not in favor of the government's attempt to impose more requirements and laws that will provide employees with added time-off benefits, i.e. more sick days. 

Erb's stance on the issue, along with his local business, on West Street, was featured in Thursday's edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Sarah E. Needleman's story, "Sick Time Rules Re-Emerge," examines the debate over paid sick leave and its impact on small businesses. She asked Erb how additional time-off benefits would affect Electric Time.

"We have one person per job here," Erb told Needleman of his 30-employee clock-making firm. "If someone starts to abuse the sick [leave], the organization doesn't function."

To read Needleman's article in the WSJ on the impact added time-off benefits might have on small-businesses, click here.

Electric Time has been producing tower clocks and street clocks since 1928. Those clocks can be found all around the country and all around the world. Check out Medfield Patch contributor Theresa Knapp's piece on this world-famous business at 97 West St. by clicking here.

Richard DeSorgher March 01, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Great family owned company and great family. They have been a plus for Medfield and have been a win-win situation for the town as they bring in tax revenue to off set our high homeowner taxes and add little demand on town services. This is the type of small clean industry that Medfield should be out beating the bushes to get to locate in Medfield. The loss of industrial zoned land on West Street to 40B residential housing is a set back for obtaining such industries into the future as there is so little industrial zoned land in town. I would hope the selectmen will look at a long range master plan and an effort to add more Electric Times in an effort to help off set the residential homeowner taxes..
Anonymous Bloke March 02, 2012 at 09:21 AM
I completely agree with you. Medfield needs to zone more areas for these types of industries that will keep the town going and introduce jobs and tax revenue.
Concerned March 05, 2012 at 02:44 PM
If the land is zoned for industrial, why can this development even be a thought? What is the point of zoning laws if they are not enforced.


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