Lord's 1970s Limited Edition Print Now Available

A limited number of watercolor prints are for sale for $19.95 at the front registers.

Do you remember what Lord's Department Store looked like in 1970?

Artist William B. MacGregor Jr. does and he has created a limited number of watercolor prints that depict the store (from his memory) circa 1970.

The prints are available for $19.95 by special order at the store's front registers. Each print will be numbered and signed.

MacGregor is also known as The Junkyard Artist and worked at Lord's -- which will be closing next month after 73 years in business -- while he was attending high school and college.  

Lord's holds a special place in his heart and, in fact, when his former boss Bill Kelly died last year, MacGregor had this to say about his time at Lord's...

“Looking back, Lord's was a very special place to me and much more than a job in my youth. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Lord were very unique where they took a great interest in us kids and were incredible role models, parents and teachers. Many of my life lessons were learned at Lord's. I learned responsibility and was rewarded when I was the lead person in the mornings.

Also, being very shy, I learned a lot of social skills, how to interact with people  and got to know many of the great people of Medfield. I was just thinking of the many life lessons we learned. I know there are a lot of better people in this world due to their experiences of working at Lord's.

Also, they were very concerned about our future and education. I will never forget when I was going to Franklin Institute and got turned down for scholarship money and aid from the school. So I went to Bay Bank for a loan but could not return to school until I paid the tuition. Bay Bank said it might take two or three weeks for the loan to go through if it was approved. Mr. Kelly must have overheard me talking to someone at the fountain. Because, it was a Sunday night and he called me into the office. He said have a seat and close the door. Then he said what is this I hear about you not going back to school. I explained the situation. He then open his desk drawer. He took out $500 (the exact amount I needed and he must have overheard that also) and gave it to me. Then he said I want you in school tomorrow. That June I graduated with an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. This then enabled me to then go to Northeastern where I got my Bachelors of Science Degree.”

MacGregor has created a limited number of prints that are selling quickly. For more information, visit the store or call 508-359-2361.

Do you have a special Lord's story to share? Tell us in the comments. 


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