Lord's Memories: Did You Write Yours in the Book?

Store owners have created a memory book where customers have started to write down their favorite Lord's memory including one little girl whose dream it is that the owners will change their minds and keep the store open.


The memory binder at the front of Lord's Department Store is chuck full of memories from people who have loved the store over the years -- people who are grieving the loss of their beloved Lord's while doing what they can to preserve its good name. 

Customers, both young and old, near and far (many by email), are included in the book.  Here are a few examples:

I remember coming here on bike at age nine to get the Boston Globe for my aunt and parents. I remember buying my mother a necklace for Mother's Day when there was a jewelry counter. I remember riding my bike here to get my mother a spool of thread or a zipper when she was in the middle of a sewing project. If you need something, most likely you could find it at Lord's. We will miss this place but will cherish the memories. Linda O'Toole 

Thanks for always being there! I remember walking to Lord's with my newborn in a stroller to get things I didn't want to go get in my car. I especially remember all of the years my kids wrote out their Christmas letters to Santa and gave him the list (very seriously). Love all of the photos too. We event have pics with the Easter Bunny! Best of luck to you. Nancy MacDonald

Lord's had everything anyone would ever want. I will miss Lord's very much. Lord's is a great place. Julia C.

Lord's has meant a lot to the entire Hurd family! We rode our bikes specifically to get all our neat stuff at Lord's. Whenever our nieces/nephews came to visit from Alaska and NY, they all wanted to go to Lord's! You literally had everything. On my way to work at 6 a.m., I could pick up a present, card, wrapping paper, handkerchiefs, pins, and a garden hose! Thank you. You will be missed. Teri 

I bought my baseball card collection from you -- one pack at a time. Stale gum included. All of my school projects were made with your markers and poster board, and my friends and I always stopped off for a candy bar on half days. Thanks for the memories! Brad Harris

A few groups have given co-owners Nancy Kelly-Lavin and Tom Kelly very large cards to show their appreciation of the store, including one from a local Girl Scout troop that included these hand-written messages:

I don't want you to close. Because we won't have any good toy stores in Medfield. Your store is my fave store ever. My dream right now is that you will change your mind about closing. Molly

I love Lord's because you can buy almost anything there and you can come in and find almost anything. Elizabeth

I'll miss Lords a lot because it was one of the best stores in Medfield. Ella [heart]

I will miss Lord's so much! Lord's was the best store in Medfield. Kathryn

I'll miss ou because when the last minute present was needed, you were always there! Thank you for being in Medfield. Abby

I'll miss you because you make Medfield have something special. Love you. Katie

I'll miss you because I live right off of South St and it as so convinent [sic] being to walk there! The Foley Family [heart]

Why It's Important to Share Your Memories

"In the blink of an eye, Lord's Department Store will be past tense. It's important for us to share all the reasons that Lord's has been meaningful because in so doing we will keep those qualities alive in our community," says Nancy Norris who is spear-heading the "Medfield Remembers Lord's" committee which is planning a party at the store on Friday, Feb. 15.

"We live in a special place, and Lord's has been the unassuming cornerstone... Lord's has always been about providing to the wants of the community whether it be a get-well card, a housewarming gift, thread to sew a costume or supplies for our kids in school; food and a place to be with friends, or to support the school play; replace a battery in the watch that used to belong to your dad, or get a typewriter ribbon that the store would never have stocked except that you asked," Norris says.

"There's a story to be shared with every Lord's transaction, and I am grateful that people are willing to share their stories whether it be on the Facebook Page, an email, a page for the scrapbook or joining in our celebration on Friday night."

What is your message for Lord's? Send it to medfieldrememberslords@ yahoo.com, post it on the Medfield Remembers Lord's Facebook page, or tell us here (in the comments below) and Patch will add it to the memory binder for you. 


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