January is National Soup Month

Where can you get a good cup of soup in Medfield?


After weeks of celebrating and partaking in big festive meals, something light and simple for lunch sounds good -- how about a bowl of soup?  After all, January is National Soup Month.  

Soup usually hits the spot no matter what the reason.

  1. You're famished after shoveling or sledding in the snow? How about tomato soup (and a grilled cheese sandwhich) to warm you up? 
  2. You've got the flu that's going around? The old familiar bowl of chicken soup is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. With all the recent holiday meal-making, you just want a simple dinner idea? Beef stew could be the answer (stew counts, too).
  4. Your list of New Year's Resolutions says something about calorie intake? What's better than a bowl of vegetable soup?  

Where can you get a good cup of soup in Medfield and which are your favorites? 

  • Blue Moon Bagel Cafe
  • Go Fresh
  • Italian Groceria
  • Jing's Garden II 
  • Noon Hill Grill 
  • Ruthie's Diner at Lord's
  • Shaw's (soup and salad bar)
  • Takara
  • Zebra's Bistro 

Is your favorite soupery on this list of Medfield restaurants? If not, add it in the comment section below. Do you know what kind of soup they're serving today? Tell us in the comments. 


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