History Books Will Show Feb. 15, 2013 as "Lord's Department Store Day" in Medfield

An official proclamation from the Board of Selectmen set aside Feb. 15, the day of the "Celebrate Lord's" party, as a special day in Medfield's history.


It's hard to believe it's been a week since the "Celebrate Lord's" party on Feb. 15 where hundreds of folks turned out to honor the Kelly family and the role Lord's Department Store has played in the community for the last 73 years.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly two months since the Kelly family announced it has sold the historic Five and Dime to a local developer.


Here is a proclamation signed by the Board of Selectmen, and delivered by Town Administrator Michael Sullivan at last week's celebration (after offering a toasted-bread "toast" to members of the Kelly family).

It is an informative and touching read declaring "February 15, 2013 be set aside as Lords Department Store Day in the Town of Medfield."



Whereas, on March 29, 1940 Raymond Lord opened Lords 5 and 10 Cent Store, beginning a tradition of 73 years of service to the Medfield Community, and

Whereas, a 17 year-old Medfield youth, Bill Kelly was hired to distribute opening day flyers and to work at the store, and

Whereas, the store moved from its original location at 485 Main Street, to its current location at the intersection of Main and South Streets, and

Whereas, the store split into two separate stores, Lords Village Shop and Lords 5 and 10 Cent Store, and later was combined into the single Lords Department Store we know today, and

Whereas, the Kelly family, Bill, June, Tom and Nancy and their dedicated employees have become an important part of “what makes Medfield, Medfield”, and

Whereas, Lords is an integral part of the fabric of the Town, anchoring the downtown, publicizing, sponsoring and supporting school and community events, programs and projects, and

Whereas, Lords has been a training ground for hundreds of young Medfield girls and boys, giving them their first work experience, and instilling in them a positive work ethic, and

Whereas, it has been a gathering spot for daily breakfast summits, Sunday morning doughnut and newspaper excursions, after school shopping trips, Midnight Madness sales, and numerous other special community events, and

Whereas, the Kellys, Ray Lord, and the Lords staff were always available to assist customers in search of a special gift, a hard-to-find household item, the latest Beanie Baby, the special card, the appropriate wrapping paper or a last-minute Christmas or birthday present, and

Whereas, Lords was always open, 365 days a year, was always a welcoming presence to all who lived or visited or passed through Medfield, and was a source of information and celebration for the community, whether it was announcing school victories in sports, music and theater, observing the achievements of our servicemen and women with red, white and blue bunting on Memorial and Veterans’ Day, brightening the center during the dark days of winter with holiday lighting, giant nutcrackers in dress uniforms, and lavish displays of wreaths and holly, and

Whereas, with the recent passing of Bill Kelly and the decision of his family to sell the property, Lords Department Store will be closing its doors for the final time on February 28, 2013, ending an era in Medfield’s history,

Now, therefore  we, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Medfield, declare that February 15, 2013 be set aside as Lords Department Store Day in the Town of Medfield, and call upon the citizens of Medfield to join with us in expressing appreciation to the Kelly family, and to the staff and employees of Lords, for their years of loyal and dedicated service to their customers, their outstanding example to the youth of Medfield and for their friendship and cheerful help to all they encountered, and wish them the very best in their future endeavors  

Signed and sealed on this Fifth Day of February In the Year of Our Lord,

Ann B. Thompson, Chair

Mark R. Fisher, Clerk

Osler L. Peterson, Member

Board of Selectmen, Town of Medfield  


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